6 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be On Social Media

(13 November 2016 - Doha, Qatar) We understand the need in constantly trying to find an advantage within the digital marketing environment. While you might already be active on social media, the question is: are you taking advantage of all the benefits?

1. Stay Up To Date with the Newest Trends

It really is crucial that you stay up to date with emerging trends within your industry. Hotel establishments are aggressively keeping up with the latest social media trends, so as to engage their customers and improve their experience.
Samuel Edwards of INC. reports that one out of every three Americans receives their news through Facebook and that news breaks on Twitter before it is reported anywhere else. Smart entrepreneurs realize that they can monitor social media and learn a lot about what people like, what they want and where the world as a whole is headed. The best way to do this is to follow relevant people, as well as monitor specific keywords.

2. Monitor Competitors

It goes without saying that entrepreneurs, in order to succeed, must have a firm understanding of where they rank with their competitors. Without reliable knowledge about what they do, it is impossible to position products/services effectively.

3. Let the World Know You Exist

Social media is one of the best places to share the story of your entrepreneurial journey. Eventually, this can also attract reporters that want to share your story to the public. To increase the chances of this happening, regularly engage with reporters and the media alike (like and share their posts, join conversations and add them to a dedicated list).

4. Get Feedback For Free

Before social media, it was much harder to get feedback from current and potential customers, due to the lack of customer reach. With social media, however, entrepreneurs have access to free feedback all the time, given the vast reach of social media across the globe.
Social media has now become the go to place for customer service, with most customers now expecting a response on social media within 30 minutes. As an entrepreneur, you can use this to your advantage, by providing reliable service to your current customers, and help non-customers with their problems as well. Building these relationships can potentially lead to future business, and as such, these relationships must be used to get on-going feedback.

5. Connect With Mentors and Advisers

According to an article by George Deeb for Forbes, mentors and business advisers are one of the most valuable resources for entrepreneurs. Because being an entrepreneur in a competitive environment can be scary, it is important and wise to liaise with mentors in that field. Through partnerships, they can avoid mistakes and learn from an expert.
One of the best ways to liaise with your mentors is through social media, particularly through LinkedIn and Twitter. When used properly, social media is the perfect place to form new relationships, find mentors and grow your business.

6. Find Top Talent

In an article by Samara Parker for Jobcast, 94% of companies are using social media to recruit talent, while 73% of companies reported they have successfully hired via social media. These statistics enunciate the need for using social media to find talent. As an entrepreneur, employees are your biggest asset; failing to recruit and hire the right talent can put yourself and your company at a severe disadvantage in relation to your competitors.

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