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SilverFox Digital can design Mobile Apps for any business or purpose.

So, you have heard that residents in countries such as Qatar are carrying, on average, more than two smartphones and have more than seven installed mobile apps per-capita? The tremendous growth of the smartphone market has made it essential for businesses, like yours, to have a mobile app presence on Android, iOS, and even Microsoft platforms. The cost range of a mobile app can be as little at USD1,500 to USD1,000,000, with the average being somewhere around $10,000 for a non-native app, and $25,000 for a native app.

SilverFox Digital has a complete mobile development team ready to build even the most complex apps you can imagine. With a staff consisting of pure-play mobile app developers, we can bring your idea from paper to your mobile desktop.

Furthermore, our monetization team will work with you on your mobile app strategy and help you define commercial cases, revenue modeling, go-to-market strategies, and App Store Optimisation. We even offer a special Cost-Per-Install (CPI) advertising technique to help you rank high organically on the app stores. This brings you even more free installs and creates a virtuous cycle of more downloads and even greater popularity.

So, what are the key consideration when you are thinking about developing a mobile app?

First, you must select a platform. In Qatar and the rest of the Middle East, there is a decided preference for Android devices, meaning you must develop an Android app hosted on the Google Play store. SilverFox Digital is readily equipped to build Android apps for you and even has a Google Play account, where you can go to market quickly or we can create your own Google Play account for further brand equity.

Other platforms, such as iOS (most notably), and Microsoft must also be considered, as both capture a certain share and target demographic. We can develop on these platforms, in addition to Blackberry in the same way we can with Android.

Second, you must consider whether to develop an HTML5 app or a Native App. We advise most clients to save their budgets and allow us to tackle their HTML5 app needs. HTML5 apps effectively take existing website content and shape it for use within a mobile app architecture. The downside of such apps can be speed, and in your company is an e-commerce player, security. For the more complex websites requiring more computing power, we urge clients to build Native Apps.

Native apps are faster, more secure, but much more expensive. Our experienced mobile developers are ready to meet your organisation’s needs in the mobile space. One thing is for certain…SilverFox Digital will only recommend products that you need. Our aim is to get your brand into the right hands with the right user experience.

With the Mobile market taking over Qatar and other Middle East markets, there is no doubt that a mobile app needs to be in your marketing plan.

Third, you must consider a go-to-market strategy. We help you commercialise and promote your apps. We have access to a robust, far-reaching programmatic media buying software that helps you get real mobile app installs and opens. In fact, we can help your company get to page one of the App Store through our Cost-Per-Install ads as well as our App Store Optimisation process.

If you don’t already have a mobile app for your business, or would like one, please contact SilverFox Digital today so we can help you plan your mobile app needs and get you in front of your customers on their most intimate communications device.

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