Mobile App Cost per Install Advertising (CPI)

How much did you spend creating YOUR mobile app? Now it's time to get a massive influx of downloads. Want to appear near the top of the App Store rankings, so you can get even more free installs? Well, we've got a system just right for you...

SilverFox Digital has a Programmatic Ad Platform ready for advertisers wanting thousands, even millions of incentivised or non-incentivised mobile app downloads. We can get our advertisers real app downloads from virtually any country in the world based on your strategy and aspirations. Can we get you to page one for almost any app category, YES we can.

We've been trusted by companies such as Tess and Ooredoo to drive mobile app installs and we can do the same for you. We offer simple pricing whereby you are only charged for each install that leads to an "open."  Furthermore, we help you install third-party tracking to ensure that our programmatic platform is delivering you the users that we say we are and that these users are of a high-quality to you.

Contact us for a quote on our CPI mobile app advertising rates and you'll soon discover why companies in the Middle East have put their trust in us.

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